Bellsouth Password Recovery & Helpline Number

BellSouth is a telecommunication organization which offers numerous benefits including home telephone utility, fastaccess internet network etc. BellSouth internet users also have an access to free email address with the domain "" BellSouth email is now directed through AT&T's web email advantage, controlled by Yahoo. Bellsouth is the enormous brand giving diverse scope of administrations and products. Though there is an assurance that users won’t be affected with any serious bugs associated with it but many a times you may encounter some situation which will require your immediate attention and hence you will have to contact the support team via helpline number.

Following are the issue which will require you to contact support team on immediate basis:

  • Sign in issues in Bellsouth email account\
  • Ignoring password errors in BellSouth email account
  • Server creating hurdles to access the email account
  • Possibility to find a way to merge Bellsouth email with other email accounts
  • How to make Bellsouth email account stop sending spam emails.

For resetting your Bellsouth email address with temporary password:

  • Go to
  • Under forgot user id/password section select password
  • Enter your full BellSouth email address and your last name
  • Click continue
  • Under select reset method choose receive a temporary password or I'll answer my security question
  • You can receive your temporary password via text message or email on the other hand you can answer your security question and continue.
  • Now create the new password, confirm it and select continue

There might be a situation where your account gets locked, it may be due to wrong password being entered too many times. If you could see the error message that your account is inactive, it means that your account has been marked as a sender of excessive spam. It is likely that your account has been hacked and its security has been compromised. You can reactivate your account by calling them. You can also post your query on their support forum. 


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