Google Account Recovery Phone Number

Hackers these days are very interested in your emails, contacts, and calendar activities. They just wish to sneak in to your account and get hold of your private information to send spams, after all this is what they live off. Sometimes even technology falters and there are issues that cannot be solved on your own. At this very juncture you really need some support that can fix your issues for you. The major issue and the chief complain received is when the Google Account Recovery does not work properly. This is the specific situation, wherein the client is always suggested to contact the extremely competent Google account recovery phone number for their expert assistance and resolving the same.

How to recover Google account in an easy way

  • Start your browser
  • Go to the google account recovery web page
  • Select “I don’t know my password” option given right there.
  • You will be asked to enter your gmail username and then select “Continue” option.
  • Now you have two option recovery by way of a phone number or recovery by answering the security question.
  • When you choose the alternative of phone number therein you have to enter the code that would be sent to you on the registered recovery number.
  • In case of security question you will have to verify your identity by answering the question put therein.
  • In case you can not avail both these options then you will have to avail the option of “Verify your identity” Google Account Recovery page.
  • There will be a form that you have to fill and answer all the questions as correctly as possible.
  • Google’s account recovery team will verify your credentials and grant access to you very soon.
  • This should solve your issue.

One thing to be borne in mind is that the last procedure takes some time. You will have to be patient. You have to know that sometimes these steps can be unsuccessful even after the positive execution of all the steps because either of the busy or slow internet network.


Sir my number is lost and I remember my password.But I still can not sign in to my Google Account.Because of two step verification, I can not sign in my account. Please help me.

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