When you use a browser then it is a very common issue that it may stop working either the browser is mozilla or the chrome so you need not have to panic in case your browser too crashes while you try to do something important. If you are the chrome user then you need to be happy since the company provides the easy process that you can follow in order to resolve the issue of google chrome not working.

But in order to resolve it you first of all have to get in touch with the techies that can allow you to follow the steps that are written below:-

  • In order to do so you have to first of all find the reason of the crash since many time the reason is the antivirus that may be blocking the browser from working.
  • If that is not the reason then the other reason is the app or the program that ma be running in the background and that may be creating the issues.
  • In order to resolve that you have to go to the chrome menu and then to the settings option.
  • Followed by unchecking the box that says continue running apps in the background when the chrome is closed.
  • As you do so you will be able to get all the things done and your issue will be resolved for always.

Just in case you feel that you are still not able to do as written here then feel free to get the required help from the people of the company in just no time.

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