Hotmail Two-Step Verification Not Working 

The two-step verification is known to help in protecting you by making anyone else have a tough time while signing in your account. Two different kinds of identities are used and they are the password and a contact method (which is also called security information). It does not matter if someone gets to know your password because they will be stopped at the security information because they have no clue about it’s answer. This is the reason why using different passwords for all the accounts in important.

If you see that Hotmail two-step verification not working, then you will have to get it done right. The two-step verification can be set up with a phone number, email address or an authenticator app and a security code is always sent when you have to sign in from a new location or on a new device. If the two-step verification is turned on, a security code will be send when you try to sign in on a device not trusted. But if it is turned off then the identity must be verified with security codes and there can be a risk to the security of your account.

In order to turn on or off the two-step verification, follow the steps given below:

  • First of all, go to the “Security basics” page and then sign in with the Microsoft account.
  • Now, select “more security options.”
  • Under the “Two-step verification”, now choose “Set up two-step verification” for turning the two-step verification on, or you can choose “Turn off two-step verification” for turning the two-step verification off.
  • After the above steps, follow the instructions.

Two types of identifications are needed if you turn on the two-step verification and it means that forgetting the password will make you need two contacting methods. In case, you lose the contact method and password will not get into the account and it can take 30 days for regaining the access. It might also happen that the access to the account is totally lost. If two-step verification is turned on and you have forgotten the password for the account, reset the password while you are having two forms of identification.

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