How To Change Snapchat Password

Snapchat –is an image messaging as well as multimedia application which is created by Evan Spiegel, Boggy Murphy and Reggie Brown, developed by Snap Inc. Snapchat is password secured if need be one can even change the password let’s see how it can be done –

How to change Snapchat password

Through Email

  • First and Foremost go on the Snap chat Login Screen
  • Go to the option Forgot your password
  • Then select the option via email , now the individual will receive a password reset link via email to the address associated with the account
  • Click the link incase if it does not open up then the individual has to copy and pste the link in the brows
  • Now one can choose the new password.

Through Text

  • First and Foremost go on the Snap chat Login Screen
  • Look for the option Forgot your password and click the same
  • A verification code will be send on the phone linked to your account
  • Enter the code and click on continue
  • Finally enter the password

Things to remember while resetting the password

  • Select the password which is 8 characters in length
  • However it should not be related to your personal information
  • It is best to keep it a mix of numbers , letters and special characters

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