How to contact Google for account recovery?

Is your Google account not taking its login credentials? Do not panic! Maybe you have lost your account password, or the account password has been hacked and changed by some unknown user. If you are under any of these circumstances, you are strictly suggested to recover your account. An excellent method of recovering Google account password has been described here. Apart from Google account recovery, we will also discuss the ways to contact Google for account recovery.

How to recover a Google account? 

  • Open your web browser
  • Type in it
  • Visit Google's Account Recovery page
  • Now you have to select the I don't know my password option
  • Enter your Google account address nowClick on Continue
  • A new window will open
  • It will ask you to raise a request for the verification code
  • Choose the medium of receiving the code
  • You can choose recovery phone number or recovery email address
  • You will get a verification code if you decide to choose recovery phone number
  • You will get a password recovery link if decide to choose recovery email address
  • Enter the verification code or click on the recovery link
  • Enter your new password twice
  • Save the changes

Google Account Recovery Helpline Number

Dialling the helpline number is the first and more preferred way to get in touch with the tech support engineers of Google. Managed by a team of skilled engineers, the Google account recovery number has universal accessibility. If you dial this number to register the lost account issue, the engineers come forward to help you in recovering the lost or hacked password. There are four other ways which are reliable, and these ways are chat support, email support, forum support, and remote technical support. How to contact Google for account recovery is effortless when you make a request for remote technical support. To get the benefit of remote technical support, you will have to write your problem first which can be done via email support or forum support.

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