Delete Google Account Permanently

In today world, Gmail account is a survival reason as all the important data is associated with that account and thus deleting of Google account will lead to delete of all data including contact details and other services like Gmail, Google Play, or YouTube. The users need to note that he or she can delete the Google account at any point of time whenever he or she desires to but restoring the same will not be possible.

The user needs to be aware of the fact that deleting the Google account will result in no service related to

  • Signing into Gmail, Drive, and Calendar
  • Data associated like emails, photos and records of transactions
  • Subscriptions on YouTube for movies and TV shows
  • Google Play, like apps, movies, games, or music
  • Saved information in Chrome
  • Username, if once deleted the same cannot be used ever again

 To delete Gmail Account permanently without password

Google do not provide with the option or facility to delete Gmail account permanently without using the password and thus the user have to access the Google account by logging in using the password and username. In case, the user forgets the password, then he or she first need to reset the password, then log in and then follow the instructions below to delete the Google account permanently. The user first need to

  • Login to Gmail Account
  • Access this URL: , which will directly navigate the user to the page wherein, he or she can see the option to delete different Google service or Sign in to My Account and then Under "Account preferences," select Delete account or services
  • Click the link ‘Remove Gmail Permanently’, which will direct to the Confirmation Page where Google will once again ask the user to enter his or her password
  • Then the user will receive Gmail removal confirmation email
  • Follow the instruction
  • All the emails and contacts are deleted permanently

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