Optus Email Password Reset

To retrieve the Optus email password, the user has always been recommended to contact the experts and seek their expert assistance. But to do so, the user first needs to be sure that if he or she fails to remember the password only or has also forgotten the username. In case, the user fails to recall the username then him or her first need to retrieve the username and thereafter follow the steps to retrieve the password.

To reset Optus Email password, the user should be very careful with the number of attempts as there is a limitation. The user can have only 5 attempts prior the system locks out for 30 minutes.

Request a New Password

The user first need to request for a new password to retrieve the account. To do so,

  • Visit the official website of Optus
  • Then My Account
  • Click Forgotten your username or password?
  • Select My Password
  • Click Next
  • Enter the user Email address or username, if both are same
  • Select the Date of Birth from the drop down boxes
  • Click Submit
  • Enter the Email address
  • Click Continue
  • An email will be sent to the registered email id with a link to reset the password

The user need to note that during busy times, the email might take a longer time to come through. The user also needs to check all of the email accounts and their junk / spam folders and search it by the name system.admin@optus.com.au

Log in With Temporary Password :

After receiving the link and following the onscreen instructions to retrieve the password, the user is recommended to log in with the temporary password and then change the password of their own choice.

  • Go to My Account
  • Enter the Username
  • Copy or type the Temporary password from the email or SMS including any special characters
  • In the new login page - enter the Username
  • Then paste the Temporary password into the Password field
  • Click Log in

Change Temporary Password

  • Select a New password in the next screen
  • Conforms to the password requirements
  • Re-type the New password into the Confirm password field
  • Click Submit

The user needs to update the password on all other devices that access Optus email account 

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