Gmail Password Recovery

The most common issue found in Gmail issues is the forgetting of the password for the Gmail account. Well, the question that drops to the mind is how to change Gmail account password if forgotten and a person panics. It does not matter whether you are bad at remembering the passwords, or you have used such a tough and complex password that it is really difficult to remember, or you are one of those who keeps on changing the Gmail account password again and again and ends up forgetting it, the problem is the password has been forgotten and it needs to be recovered so that the Gmail account can be used and operated again like before. Here is a good news for all those who have forgotten their Gmail account password. The password can be recovered or changed through a validation process.

Gmail Forgot Password Recovery

So, if you think how to change Gmail account password if forgotten, then you have to read ahead because the way for doing so is given below.

  • First of all, go to the Gmail page.
  • Type your username or your email ID in the box and leave the box for the password as you have already forgotten it.
  • Tap ‘Forgot password' present below the boxes for the username and password.
  • Then, you have to type the complete Gmail address when a screen prompts for the Account Support page.
  • Tap Next.

After this, Gmail will ask some questions about verifying whether you are the owner of the account or not. You can also select a way for getting the password like a verification through the mobile SMS or through another alternative email address. Remember, these two verification options will only show up or you must only choose one among these only when you have used them in your account in the password recovery section and you have access to these.

  • After choosing the option for the verification, the steps must be followed accordingly.
  • You will have to enter the verification code or answers, accordingly and a window will prompt asking for the new password.
  • You can write the new password in the box and then confirm it.
  • Then click done.

How Can You Recover Your Gmail Password?

After the above steps are followed, your new password has been set and the Gmail account is ready to use like before. The question how to change Gmail account password if forgotten is nothing to fret over because the process is really easy and can be found easily. So, if you are among those who keep on forgetting the password frequently, memorize these simple steps as these are the only ways to help you get a password for the Gmail account.

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