How To Change Ymail Password

Yahoo Mail which is more famously known as Ymail, is a web-based email service. It is the third largest web-based email service in the world. Ymail was the first email service which was popularised among common people after the invention of Hotmail services.
Now, we all use emails to connect with our peers both personally and professionally. Since emails contain important information, it becomes easy to protect our email account from malicious attacks like viruses, hackers etc. For these reasons, we should periodically keep changing our passwords.

Reset Ymail Password

First, when we are trying to reset a password, we need to verify that we are the account owner. There are various verification methods available that can provide us access to our account. Some of them are getting an Account Key sent to your mobile phone number or email address to verifying something we have entered in our account. Typically, there are two ways to change Ymail password

  1. Resetting password from a web browser: We can use a web browser on our computer or mobile device. First, we need to go to the Yahoo Account security page. Next click on Change password. Then enter and confirm your new password. And Last is to click Continue.
  2. Resetting password from a Yahoo app: Yahoo apps will let you change your password directly within the app. Download the yahoo app and click the Menu icon. Next go to Manage Accounts. Click on Account info and got to Security settings. Then enter your security code and Change password. Enter the new password and click Continue.

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