iCloud Password Recovery Phone Number


Icloud account is one of the account that you will be able to access of you are the user of the iphone since this is the default account that is meant for them so that they can very well use all the services as well as other things related to the iphone. So just in case you are looking for all the details related to the icloud then you need not have to look for this thing anywhere else since you can simply read the things written below in order to deal with all the issues.

The users may face a number of issues such as iCloud password recovery not working or you may not be able to enter the password or you may have forgotten your password so in all those cases you have to do as written below:-

  • If you feel that you are not able to enter the password since you have forget it then you have no other option then to reset the password for your icloud account.
  • Once you change the password then all your issues will be resolved. Now in order to change the password and for doing so you have to follow the steps written below.
  • Here you just have to go to the apple ID account page followed by clicking on the forgot apple ID or the password.
  • After that you have to see that if you are asked to enter the phone number then you simply have to enter that number.
  • Followed by entering the apple ID followed by selecting the option that you wish to use for the resetting of the password.
  • Then you have to simply select the option of reset your password and then on the continue button.
  • As you do so then you will be asked to enter the new password followed by conforming it and then tapping on the save button.
  • By doing so you will be able to set a new password for yourself.

And just in case you feel that you are still facing the issue then you have to simply dial the icloud password recovery phone number. By doing so you will be able to get some better solution of doing the things. Now there are some other issues as well with the icloud account like even though you know the password of the icloud account but you may face the issue that you have to enter the password again and again. In that case you have to simply do as written below:-

  • here the thing that will help you is to switch off your phone followed by switching it on again.
  • For that you simply have to hold down the sleep or the wake button that is easily available on the top of the iphone for around five seconds.
  • Followed by sliding the power icon on to the right and then you have to simply wait around for 30 seconds so that the screen could go black completely.
  • And then at the finishing steps you just have to press the sleep or the wake button so that you can switch the phone on again.

So these are the simple steps by which you can simply do the iCloud password reset without any more issues.

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